Fund Raising

Public Fund Raising

Predict AB has for more than a decade been working with different public financiers like e.g. Tillväxtverket and Vinnova. We have been handling initial disussions, applications, project management, reporting etc. Our customers are as well private enterprices as regional public oranisations.

We have a huge experience of expressing the need of a private entrepreneur in a way that is understandable and appealing for the financier.


Today we assist small and medium sized enterprices with their applications for public project funding.

We act as a communication link between the entrepreneur and the financier.



Examples of missions:

Pre Study

We have an initial disussion with you in order to find out if there are any public fundings available, which could be suitable for your development needs.


We assist you with your application for public fundings.

We offer everything from advising to the production of a complete applications.

Project Implementation

We can also participate in the project implementation with differnt types of support.